Track Tuesdays Ep 3: Mileage

In this week’s episode, Noah and John discuss mileage. Should you increase mileage 10% a week? Is miles per week a good metric? If you want to be successful in a marathon do you need to run high mileage? All this and more in the episode.

Track Tuesdays Ep 2: Easy runs

Should you keep your hard days hard and your easy runs easy? Just what is “easy” pace, after all? Is it a mistake to push the pace on your non-workout days? We get into these questions and much more on this Track Tuesdays episode all about easy runs.

Track Tuesdays Ep 1: Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are a foundational component of training for serious runners. Broadly, a tempo run is a fast, continuous effort at a set pace, but what about the specifics–how fast, how far, how long? Is it still a tempo if you break it up into long intervals? We talked about all of this and more … Read more